We value the work our customers perform and dedicate ourselves to providing the right quality of equipment and supplies to our customers.
We work hard every day, so our products reflect our commitment to improving care for those in need of medical assistance.



Our US medical manufacturer has gained the highest reputation globally in providing made-to-last products.
We provide the right service and the best goods, and we ship and deliver on time.



Our customers trust us, and we trust them as well.
Trust is a phenomenal strength our company and without it, our business would never succeed.

We are a company that provides medical supplies

From the United States to first, second and third world countries and from first, second and third world nations to the United States. We are certified in International Trade with the World Trade Center in Denver, Colorado.


Our company complies with U.S. government laws and we do not do any kind of business with countries that are under economic sanctions (commercial and financial), and other types of sanctions.

“Our products are only sold in bulk to hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, pharmacies, and government organizations.”.

Our Core Beliefs

Our company is dedicated to distribution. It’s a great contribution to the economy of any country.

Governments cannot eliminate distribution because every nation needs products, they may not have but need to support themselves.

Without distribution from other sources, countries can experience a loss of economic growth. Distribution makes essential contributions to the economy. We distribute supplies so industries can produce goods to satisfy the consumers’ needs.

We believe in distribution because the world’s manufacturers need it. Without it, there would not be industrial production. 

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Founder of Gabriel Medical

Im Simao Gabriel. Im an entrepreneur and CEO of Gabriel Medical. I currently live in the United States, and I’m a former member of the World Trade Center in Denver, Colorado. In the past, I have worked in several industries such as sales, the auto industry, retailing, accounting specialist in the banking industry, and production leader in the high-tech manufacturing industry. Im certified in International Trade with the World Trade Center in Denver, Colorado, and I have gained a vast amount of knowledge in business. Furthermore, I decided to continue my education in the field of economics because I believe that more education and more knowledge will lead to greater opportunities in business. My role is to work efficiently for my company. My strengths are knowledge, responsibility, and confidence. I believe these attributes will help to lead my company in the right direction.


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Our Story

Exporting and delivering healthcare materials is the greatest job in the world. As a leading export company, we focus every talent and resource toward helping our customers save as many lives as possible.

24/7 Customer support

We are here to assist you in any support that you may need on your order through and through.

Our Capabilities

Through our internal capabilities and global partnerships, we can provide secure and cost-effective medical product allocations and excellent services for the consumer-facing industries including sales, marketing, and supply chain management.


Our Vision

GM creates a safe and sustainable world within the medical and consumer-facing protective industry. Our desired result is to push the boundaries of breakthrough innovation and provide US-grade, reliable services to our client's requirements.

High Quality Products

Quality and safety are the greatest value GM offers our customers and remain our top priority. We make sure our equipment is consistently reliable with the most up-to-date software where found in computerized models.

Medical Equipment
Surgical Equipment
Dental Equipment
Hospital Hotel Products

How we accomplish our mission

We travel all over the world to deliver healthcare products to roadblocked countries and supply-chain disrupted third world nations. We ensure hospitals and health-care teams receive the high-quality supplies and equipment they need to serve remote communities and save thousands of lives.

About Us

Gabriel Medical, located in Denver, Colorado was founded to specialize in distributing medical supplies to healthcare professional facilities. Our Medical Products are an innovative safety to protect health care workers against sharp injuries. More recently, Gabriel Medical has focused on a wide variety of innovative, high quality, enteral feeding and medication delivery products and accessories for pediatric and adult patients. These products follow the ISO 80369 - 3 standard, commonly called ENFit®, which help reduce the risks of tubing misconnection and improve patient safety.

Efficient and Cost Effective
Patient Cost Effectiveness

Each shipment delivers on time so patient care is undisturbed and continues in a smooth and proactive direction,

Care Team Approach

Empower more care coordination between various providers.

Convenience strategies

Buyers have no further responsibilities after the point of purchase. We manage all details of freight shipping from our door to yours. Customer do not have to do anything after their purchase we delivery door to door.

We are proudly

Accept checks, credit card and wire transfer.

We offer FedEx express delivery

We deliver any US orders through FedEx Express and FedEx ground. Contact us for more details.

Gabriel Medical is

Certified in international trade with world trade center