Elevate Stand Up Lift

The Elevate is an active lift designed to improve the lifting experience for both the caregiver and the patient. It is compact and sturdy with a 44

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Anesthesia Mask

Anesthesia breathing mask is pliable and tacky for superior face seal Ribbed cushion provides no-slip grip Reliable ventilation seal with minimal f

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Silicone Mid-Range Aire-Cuf

The flexible Hyperflex wire reinforced silicone shaft is designed to help improve kink resistance. With a longer than standard shaft length, this t

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Medical Autoclave Sterilizer

Autoclave sterilizer is a Class N Steam Sterilizer that uses state-of-the-art technology in steam sterilization using a pressure displacement techn

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Disposable Lab Jacket

Disposable Lab Jacket With Pockets (30/Case) are made of a breathable non-woven polypropylene material which is tear, puncture and penetration resi

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Back Brace

The Back Brace TLSO accommodates the appropriate motion restriction throughout the healing process. The LO Lite provides support for mild lowe

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Active OA Light Knee Brace

The M2 Active OA Light knee brace is an innovative design that uses the 3 point unloading. The patented belt tensioning system offers effective off

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Elbow Brace

The Protect Epico ROM post-operative elbow brace features  patented Quick set hinge that easily adjusts to all popular protocol settings and i

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Compact Knee Brace

The M4s Comfort functional knee brace offers excellent strength, durability and patented technology to provide exceptional performance.

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X-Act ROM Hip Braces

Designed to provide support and precise protection for patients following various hip procedures. Compression belt with a dual pull-tab syst

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Standard Ankle Walkers

Allows for range of motion adjustment through recovery. Closed heel design helps protect the heel. Low profile design minimizes the difference in l

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Nonskid Fluid Proof Boot Covers

The seamless cover has no holes, omitting the risk of fluid penetration. The convenient hook-and-loop closure is heat-sealed to the boot and allows

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Cap and Shoe Cover Dispenser

Medical Cap and Shoe Cover Bulk Dispenser. Extra-Large Cap & Shoe Cover Bulk Dispenser. Extra-large capacity maximizes space and reduces restoc

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Pediatric Anesthesia Breathing Circuits

Circuit helps provide triple-function role that performs during surgery, transport and postoperative care Multichamber filter helps protect machine

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Surgical Gloves

SensiCare with Aloe were the world’s first synthetic polyisoprene surgical gloves on the market. Anti-roll-down cuff technology significantly

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The unique design of the REGENCY family of medical tables offer features engineered for practitioner efficiency and patient comfort during OB/GYN e

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Serpentine Thermal Spread Blankets

Better durability compared to traditional thermals, which saves money over time. Tight weave prevents snags and provides outstanding warmth.

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Blanket Warmers

Blanket warmers are engineered for point-of-care applications with an aesthetically pleasing, high-quality design. Programmable controls wit

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Sterile Beach Chair Shoulder Surgical Tray IV

Sterile Beach Chair Shoulder Surgical Tray IV includes: 1 ea Bag, Bedside, Paper; 1 ea Emesis Basin; 1 ea Co-Flex Bandage, 4″ (10 cm); 1 ea 3

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Sterile Total Knee Surgical Tray

Sterile Total Knee Surgical Tray includes: 1/ea Bag, Bedside, Paper; 1/ea Bandage, CoFlex, 6″ x 5 yd (15 x 457 cm); 1/ea Bandage, Elas, 6&Pri

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Sterile Major Vascular Surgical Tray

Sterile Major Vascular Surgical Tray includes: 1/ea Bag, Decanter; 1/ea Basin, Ring; 1/ea Bowl, 32 oz (946 ml), Graduated; 1/ea Cautery Pencil, Rck

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Vascular Access Trays

An all-in-one solution for convenience and savings Single-use to reduce cross contamination Tray contents include needles, syringes, drapes, gauze,

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Sterile Anterior Cervical Tray

1 ea Thyroid T-Drape, 102″ x 121″ x 78″ (259 x 307 x 198 cm); 20 ea Gauze, 16-pll 4″ x 4″ (10 x 10 cm), X-Ray; 2 ea G

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Sterile C-Section Surgical Procedure Tray III

1 ea. paper bedside bag; 1 ea. emesis basin; 1 ea. blue placenta basin with lid; 2 ea. ring basins; 1 ea. white with stripes baby blanket; 1 ea. 32

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Sterile Vaginal Hysterectomy Surgical Tray

Sterile Vaginal Hysterectomy Surgical Tray includes: 1/ea Bag, Bedside, Paper; 1/ea Bowl, 32 oz (946 ml), Graduated; 1/ea Catheter, 14 Fr, Urethral

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Sterile Chest and Breast Surgical Tray

Sterile chest and breast surgical tray includes: paper bedside bag; #5 blade; 4 oz. specimen container with lid 53″ x 77″ Aurora

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Sterile Pacemaker Surgical Trays

Pacemaker/AICD Trays include: 1/eaBag, Bedside, Paper; 1/ea Bag, Decanter, 9″ (23 cm); 1/ea Band Bag, 36″ x 28″ (91 x 71 cm), w/T

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Disposable x-ray patient gown has attached ties and can be worn with opening in front or in back. Material of gown consists of one layer of polyeth

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Industry standard for sterile processing teams around the world. Tear-, flame-, lint- and abrasion-resistant. POWERGUARD* technology for enhanced m

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Major Ortho Split Surgical Tray

An all-in-one solution for convenience and savings Complete with bedside paper bag, CoFlex bandage (6″ x 5 yd.), elastic bandage (6″ x

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